Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome to the World, Ainsley Klaire

Ainsley Klaire Kimbrell was born May 1, 2012 at 7:34 am.  What a day!  Well, what a day before that as well, ha! I want to try to remember all the crazy details about the days surrounding our sweet girl's birth, so here goes ...

Since I had a emergency c-section with Lily Kate, I had the option of a VBAC or another c-section this time.  My doctor discussed this with me early in my pregnancy and around 30 weeks, we made the final decision to go ahead and schedule my c-section for May 1.  Since I went into labor with Lily Kate at 38 weeks 5 days, I was going to get to have my c-section at 39 weeks.  I was excited to go early! :) 

So, of course-being the total planner that I am, I loved knowing when Ainsley was supposed to be born.  I wanted to plan every minute and detail up until I delievered.  But, I told Stephen several times that I just had this feeling I was going to plan everything but nothing would go as planned.  Well, that is basically what happened. 

The weekend before I was schedule to have Ainsley, I was so, so exhausted.  I thought I was seeing a few signs of labor but wasn't sure.  I just knew I was so ready to have my baby.  My c-section was schedule for Tuesday, May 1st at 7:30 am.  So, "my" plan was to run several errands and do a little bit of last minute cleaning/laundry on Monday and then go to my parents' house around supper time to stay the night with them since it was closer from their house to the hospital and Lily Kate would be staying with them while we were in the hospital.  But, early Monday morning about 2 am, I woke up thinking that I was in the early stages of labor.  I was having all the same things happen just like when I went into labor with Lily Kate.  I wasn't having strong or consistant contractions but I knew something was happening.  So, I got up at 2 am and started on my chores (dishes, laundry, finishing packing, taking a shower & washing and blow drying my hair) and then I laid back down from about 4:30 am-6 am.  When I got up at 6 am, I finished getting ready and got Lily Kate ready.  Stephen and I planned on leaving to head up to Greenvile for the doctor to see me (since I was so sure I was in labor and they would surely go ahead and take me in for a c-section since I was 38 weeks 6 days) around 7:30 and I would call the doctor on the way to get an appointment.  Well, Mom met us at the doctor's office to get Lily Kate and we had an appointment at 9 am.  I wasn't able to see my doctor because she was off that day, so I saw the midwife that I had since on my very first doctor's visit with Ainsley.  After checking me and hooking me up to the monitors, she told me I was not in "active" labor and they wouldn't do a c-section at the hospital if I wasn't in active labor before 39 weeks.  She said to go home and rest and come back in the morning for my scheduled c-section unless my contractions were unbearable or at least 8-10 minutes apart.  I was so disapointed. 

So, we went to my parents' house for the rest of the day and I tried to get some rest.  I started timing my contractions (you got to love that they have an app for EVERYTHING, even timing contractions!!) and while I was resting they were at least 12 - 15 mintues apart.  But, as the day went on they started getting closer and more uncomfortable.  By about 10 pm, they were really, really uncomfortable but still around 10-12 minutes apart.  I tried to rest but everytime I would doze off, I would have another contraction.  By midnight, I was in pain ... and I was very aggrevated.  I think mainly because I knew that there was no need for me to labor and progress because I was going to have a c-section and so I felt like all of my pain was for nothing ... and I knew I was going to be in a lot of pain after my c-section and I didn't want any before! :)  So, a little after midnight I called the doctor on call and asked if I could go ahead into the hospital for them to hook me up to some pain meds so I could rest until the 6:30 when they were supposed to take me back for my c-section.  She checked to make sure there was a bed available and then called back with the go-ahead for me to come in.  Now, even though I was glad to go ahead in, I wasn't happy because I had planned on getting up the next morning early to fix my hair and make-up so I could be picture ready after my c-section. :) (Yes, I know ... I can't help it) 

We got to the hospital and I was in a bed with my lovely hospital gown by 2 am.  I was ready for some meds and a little bit of rest. (Remember my "day" had really started at 2 am the previous morning when I went on my cleaning spree)  I was so, so exhausted and ready to meet my precious Ainsley.  So, the nurse gave me 2 different pain medications 3 different times over the next 4 hours and they didn't touch the pain at all ... which, of course, was getting more & more intense.  The on-call doctor came and checked me once and said I could have a little more meds but they never helped.  By 6:30 am, I was an emotional wreck.  I had been in pain for way to long and I was mad because it wouldn't go away and it wasn't even supposed to happen.  When there was a shift change, I had the best nurse.  She said, "Honey, the only way for this pain to stop is to get that baby out.  Do you want to go ahead for your c-section?"  At that point, I started bawling crying and said "Yes, where were you 6 hours ago?!"  She went and called my doctor (who was on her morning run) and she agreed to come in a little early to do the c-section.  Mom was on her way to the hospital but didn't make it before I headed back.  It was really a blessing because by then, I was so, so emotional.  I just couldn't hold back the tears anymore.  If Mom would have been there, we both would have been crying and it would have just been way too emotional!  So, finally they took me back for my c-section around 7 am.  I cried almost the whole time they wheeled me back.  When I got in the operating room, I was trying to get control over my emotions and just prayed and asked the Lord to give me the strength and peace I needed.  Stephen came in the room after getting "suited up" and I was so glad to see his face.  We both were so, so ready to meet Ainsley.
When Ainsley was born, she cried the sweetest, quitest cry ever.  It is funny to me to think about her first cry compared to Lily Kate's.  Lily Kate came out screaming ... I'm wondering if this was a hint at their personalities from their first cries! :)

 The moment when you early your baby's first cry is so emotional and so special.  I can't even put into words how wonderful that moment is.  I had wonderful nurses that promised to take pictures for us and they did a great job. 
Our first picture with our sweet girl. 
After Ainsley was born, Stephen started getting dizzy and feeling like he was going to faint.  He hadn't eaten breakfast yet (Mom was on her way with it) and it was super hot in the operating room.  So, he left to go get a little snack.  While they were putting me back together, I got to watch them do all of the first tests, measurements, etc. that they do to the newborns on Ainsley.  She was just so, so precious to watch.  She hardly made a peep.  I could see already that even though she favored her big sister, she was going to have her own look.  Lily Kate came out with dark skin like her Daddy ... I've called Ainsley my "whitey" since the beginning.  She had lighter hair and blue eyes from the beginning.  Lily Kate's eyes were never blue, they have always been brown. 

After getting us both settled, we were wheeled out to the post-op room where my Mom got to come and meet Ainsley.  Stephen went ahead and took our bags to the room we would be staying in and my Dad and Lily Kate waited for us in there.  Lily Kate was SSOO excited about meeting her little sister.  She kept asking where "her" baby was ... it was just so, so precious.

I love that smile ... she was in love with her sister from the beginning!

Our first family of 4 picture!

Ainsley Klaire is such a blessing ... even though the events surrounding her birth didn't go as I planned them, I'm so glad that I serve an almighty God that knew just how and when she would come.  I'm thankful that He blessed us with this precious girl and I can't wait to see what He has in store for her life!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Lily Kate!!

Three years old .... I can't believe that my little girl is three years old today!!  What a blast this last year has been!!  It seems like as soon as she turned 2 she started talking in paragraphs, non stop, 24/7.  And I love having conversations with her!  She always keeps us laughing and you never know what she will say next.  We have had so many wonderful experiences over the past year .... lots of "firsts" for this little girl that I want to be able to remember.

Lily Kate really started LOVING to dress up after she turned 2.

Her favorite place to get her "dress up items" ... my jewelry box!!

She loves getting to ride the bus with Daddy

She became my coupon shopping buddy this year!
(As well as Amy & Noah :) )

She got to watch Uncle Josh & Aunt Juli graduate from college

And Uncle Nathan!!

She LOVES walking in my heels!

First time riding the carousel

First "roller coaster"

She has helped us pray for Lalee and has thanked Jesus when she would feel better!

She got to go to California for the first time!!

And put her feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time

We LOVED California!!

She went to the zoo for the first time ... San Diego Zoo was the best!

And we enjoyed a fun trolley ride around San Diego

She got to be a flower girl for the first time in Uncle Josh & Aunt Juli's wedding!!

She was so beautiful!

We found out that she was going to be a BIG SISTER!!!

And named the baby before we could - "Keke" :)

Pop & Lalee are excited! :)

She started going to Preschool 2 days a week ... and LOVES it!
She went on her first field trip with her class.

She got a big girl bed in her & Keke's room at Pop & Lalee's house!

She got to cheer on Alabama alot- all the way to the National Championship!!
Roll Tide!!!!!!

She learned to draw lots of faces -
scary ones, happy ones, daddy & mommy ones ... oh the fun! :)

She got to play in hay bales for the first time while in
Alabama for Christmas.

And help feed a little baby calf whose mommy had left him.

She had LOTS of fun in Alabama for Christmas!

And found out that she is going to have a little sister ...
she is ssoo excited!

Lily Kate - you have grown up so much this past year ... and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Even though your strong will sometimes frustrates me, I pray that your Daddy & I can help you learn to use it for God's glory.  I know the Lord has such wonderful plans for your life and I pray that your heart will stay tender toward Him.  I can't wait to see you become a big sister this year.  You are such a big helper to Mommy and love your little sister already - you will be great!   I love you with all my heart and can't wait to see what this next year holds for us. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lily Kate stories :)

There are so many things everday that Lily Kate says that makes me laugh so hard. She has the wildest imagination and she doesn't forget anything!  I wanted to give a little update on my priss pot with some of her most "memorable"moments recently so I can look back on this down the road and get some laughs .. and probably a few tears! :) 
Showing her gum
The child LOVES gum ... She tried "chewing" it a few months ago but would just swallow it everytime.  Well, now she has learned how to chew it and not swallow it at all ... she asks for gum all the time!  It is so funny to me how much she loves gum because when I was little I loved gum too ... I always wanted to "smack it" and blow big bubbles. 
We finally have gotten Lily Kate potty trained.  We have been working on it on and off for a while but I finally got serious about it a couple of weeks ago and she has done great!  I've heard so many people say "When they are ready, they will get it!" and that was absolutely true with Lily Kate.  I think I was wanting it for her for a long time but one day is clicked and she was ready!  Of course, as with everything else in her life, she is so independant about it.  She wants to pull her pants down, sit on the potty, wipe, flush, etc by herself ... NO help!  I have to help with washing hands because she can't reach the sink handle yet but as soon as she can, she will want to do it by herself too.  She is even going #2 on the potty :)  The other night I was grocery shopping and she went #2 while it was just her and Stephen at home ... she was so excited about what she had done and told Stephen it looked like a snake! :)  We laughed so hard about that!!!
Silly little grin
Lily Kate has started saying some of the sweetest prayers at night.  They will last a long time because she thanks Jesus for everything she can think of (of course, that's the way it is supposed to be, right? :) )  She has thanked Jesus for going pee pee and stinkie in the potty, getting new play dough to use at Pop and Lalee's house, Daddy's brown hair, her Pinkie (a pink flamingo she sleeps with every night) for being pink and not brown, her Tickles' foot prints (a dog she sleeps with at night), her play refrigerator, that the lion didn't come and get her umbrella while she was sleeping last night ... all kinds of things!  It is just too sweet!
She started preschool last month (two days a week) and she absolutely LOVES it.  On her first day of school she had a little girl to hit her and she still hasn't forgotten it.  Most days she will say, "Zyon didn't hit me at school today" like that is the biggest surprise.  She has loved doing all the crafts and activities except for the finger painting ... her teachers said that she doesn't like it when her hands are dirty so that's not her favorite activity. :)  Noah goes to the same preschool on the same days but they are in different classes.  They get to see each other on the playground outside and when they go to chapel and library.  Everyone at the school thinks it is so funny how Lily Kate and Noah play together ... they really are the best of friends-they play hard and they fight hard but they always can work it out and really love each other. 
Lily Kate has still said several funny things about the "baby in my belly."  She wondered if the baby was in my belly button - well, she called it "that hole right there."  She also asked one day after she had gotten a spanking if the baby was going to get a spanking with the spanky spoon.  (I'm guessing she didn't want the baby to be left out!)   She told Stephen and I last night that her name isn't Lily Kate , it is "Big Sister."  How precious!
How can you not love that face?!?!
These are such fun days with my little 2 year old ... I'm trying to enjoy every. single. minute. of our time together before this sweet little baby comes to join us.  I'm so thankful for this precious little girl that the Lord has blessed us with!!